About Mama Bare Botanicals

Abbie Sawyer, Founder

Borne of shift, Mama Bare Botanicals was a path for Abbie to create moments of stillness and connection. After the birth of her children, Abbie's spirit was bare and she found anchoring stillness from the nourishment of plants--from essential oils, plant oils, teas, bouquets, and her garden.

What started with roots, leaves and blossoms introduced to her by fellow medicine women and herbalists, led to deepening curiosity and thirst for the wisdom of plants as healers and helpers. She yearned to connect to who she was becoming with simple rituals of caring for her body and luxuriating in natural scents and oils.

She started making plant-based skincare products for herself, then gifting them to others. Friends and family said they could feel the love in each bottle and asked for refill after refill. Mama Bare Botanicals was born.

Mama Bare Botanicals is an offering of love, of care, of support and inspiration to feel, connect, and savor the rituals of being alive.