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Mama Bare Botanicals

Rooted Essential Roller

Rooted Essential Roller

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Rooted Essential Roller: Connect to You

Experience a sense of grounding and relaxation with our Rooted Essential Roller. Combining the deep, woody scent of vetiver with soothing hints of lavender, this concentrated natural perfume will entice and calm in equal measure.

More than just a perfume, it's your signature scent: We use only FCO (fractionated coconut oil) and pure essential oils of vetiver and lavender to create this aromatic blend. No synthetic fragrances, preservatives or dyes. Roll it on, and it becomes unique to you.

How to use: Roll onto pulse points like temples, wrists, neck, sternum, or bottoms of feet. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and repeat. Let the calming aroma melt away stress and find your center. If you wish, use the affirmation: "I connect to what is meant for me and release the rest." You can even write a word (ENOUGH or JOY) or your own name on your skin with the roller as you apply it.

This roll-on is perfect for:

  • Grounding throughout the day
  • Relaxing before bed
  • Enhancing your yoga or meditation practice
  • Connecting with your creativity

Let the natural power of aromatherapy rejuvenate your senses with our Rooted Essential Roller.

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